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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Night In Bethlehem

So I got a new calling. No more primary. I'm now Ward Activities Committee Chairman (not chairperson. they said so when I was set apart:) So this calling came 4 weeks before the Ward xmas party. And this year, they decided that it would be fun to do Christmas in Bethlehem. They'd done it 14 years ago here, but not since. 4 weeks. No problem.

I was told that I had 2 people on my committee. One of them had just gotten called into the Primary presidency, but she wasn't getting released from the committee. She's young. She should be good. The other one has had some family issues, and won't be able to help out this year. She'll be in Texas on the night of the party. OK, so my numbers are few.

Luckily, Mirko, Brother Polyak, the bishopric member over this, used to teach drama at his school. Well, he got a new job this year, and now he doesn't do it. I think that he is trying to fill the void, because he's been very helpful. Thanks Mirko.

So today I made money! 63 bags of 8 coins each. I already had 106 bags of 8 coins each. That should be enough. And if not, share people! I really admire my friend Mindy, who uses almost every waking moment of her day to teach her children. I felt so like her today when I let Eme, Joe, and even Jim help with the coins. I rolled out the dough, and I left them use the round cutter to punch out the coins. I didn't even get upset that they didn't make them perfectly round, or weren't making the most of the rolled dough. I was very proud of myself!

I have about 10 feet of cardboard city laying on the big kids floor in their room. How nice of me. I didn't like it in the living room. Jim-bo was attacking it, so we moved it into the other room. Unfortunately, now the big kids room is trashed. They are trying their best to step around it (or throw stuff around it), but its not really working. I need to take it to the church and finish building it. I almost did yesterday, but then had a brilliant thought. If I build it here, how would I get it to the church? That was close!

I still need to buy all the food for Saturday. I think that I'll go out on Thursday. Everything should keep, right? Bagels, cream cheese, grapes, apples, bananas. Nothing there going bad. So Thursday. Wait. Thats' tomorrow. Where did all of my time go!

Keep your fingers crossed for me that this turns out ok. I just keep telling myself. It will be dark. Everything looks better in the dark!