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We're moving again! Well, not physically, but my blogger account is full, and I'm moving to a new blog location.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Valentines Day Words and Friendship Quote

OK, Mom, I promise that I'll get some real pictures for you on here tonight. We have Scouts, and I promise that I'll take some real pictures for you then. For now, here's 3 more word arts. One is for Valentine's Day, one is I Am A Child of God, and the last is a nice quote on friendship. Enjoy!


Tara said...

I love both of these Bethany, keep em coming! You're doing a wonderful job & I have no doubt that it'll be just a matter of time before you venture into the rest of "that photoshop stuff" :D.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I love your work! Thank you so much for sharing it!

I just found your site while searching for "I am a child of God" wordart for Sharing Time tomorrow. Yours is perfect! I'll be putting them on crowns for the kids.

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