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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bye Sister Simco

I won't miss much about Chicago, but Joy Simco, I will miss! She was so awesome the time we lived here. She was just like a Grandma to my kids. When Jim was born, she'd watch him during Church so I could do my primary calling. I was so glad that she did that for us.

Over the year or so, we've developed a great friendship. She'd take the kids to the park, or to her house to play, or over for a sleep over. She got them presents when she went to pick up Margie at Disneyworld last summer. I got to go to a concert in the City with her to see Andrew play. We hang out in RS and at church functions. I so enjoy her company.

I really will miss Joy, and I'm sure the kids will too. They love Sister Simco (Sinco Sinco, as Joe used to call her). She came over today to say good-bye. Andrew has an orchestra thing in Columbus in October, so we may get to see her then. And, I'm planning on coming back in Dec for Moreen's reception. We'll miss you, Joy!


Lyn said...

Thanks Joy for all that you do for our children!