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Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Boyfriend

So the phone rings tonight. I'm reading a story to the 4 little kids, and Brent is upstairs. Don't know where Jacob is. I send Tom running to the kitchen to answer it.

It's a 619 number, so it must be Uncle Dale. He's getting married, and wants to tell us the good news. We figured it out a few days ago, but hadn't been able to talk to him about it yet.

Anyway, I answer the phone, and say hi. Joe is standing right next to me and the phone, and says in a loud voice;

"Mom, is that your boyfriend?"

Now where did he get that? I don't have a boyfriend.

"No, Joe, it's Uncle Dale. Mommy doesn't have a boyfriend".

Come on kid, you're giving me a bad rep here!


Madison McShinsky said...

Ha, silly Joe!

a said...

He's gonna give people the wrong impression :)

Lyn said...

So is Dale getting married, or do you have another fella? ha

a said...

Dale's getting married. Her name's Diana, and she's from So Cal. Her parents are moving to Boston this summer. Thats handy. Both sets of parents at the same end of the country.

Unlike mine, who are both at opposite ends. Nice :)

Nathaniel said...

That's funny stuff. Joe I mean.