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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Interesting Stuff

This first video is of "the Weakest Link", Dr. Who special. I always liked "the weakest Link" and I really like Dr. Who!

The next video is of a parody song by Rush Limbaugh. It's funny. It taken from things said by the left, and the left is all upset about it, and thinking that Rush made it up. Silly people!

This is from SNL, and it's pretty funny too. It's their Weekend Update: Blackness scale.

OK, this is only slightly interesting, and only to those of you who are from Florence Oregon. It's the 2006 Rhody festival. Personally, I like the Rhody festival. Plus, it's 9 minutes long, and they repeat the same song over, and over. But, it's images of home! And who doesn't like a parade?


Nathaniel said...

I'm glad to see that you're hooked on Doctor Who. The new season has been good so far.

a said...

We had a $25 gift certificate for, and the boys earned $20 mowing grass, so I figured that for $14, I could buy the 1st season of doctor who for us.

The kids love it. I've only let them watch 1 episode, because watching on the laptop with the group is crap, but they're hooked.

And I've watched up to episode 11 of season 2. I love it. At first, it seemed a little cheesy, but the more I watched, the more I liked the cheesy. That's what makes it awesome.

And I really liked Christopher Eccleston as Dr. Who, and was bumbed when Tennent took over. I'm beginning to like Tennant as Dr. Who though. He's pretty good!

So yah, I like Dr. Who. It's awesome!

Nathaniel said...

Nice. Yeah, Doctor Who is definitely cheesy. The old episodes were really cheesy. That's cool that the kids like it too.

We were upset when Eccleston left, but now we think that Tennant is by far better.