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Thursday, May 31, 2007

How Long Have I Been Gone?

So I was messing around on the internet this morning (who wants to fix breakfast and get the kids ready....not me :) and I stumbled on these pictures of this neat skate park. And it's in my home town, at the park we used to play at growing up. My how time changes. Not that I skate or anything, but doesn't it look neat!

It's in Florence, Oregon, at Miller Park.


Chris & Stephanie said...

No WAY! Really? That is so bizarre!

a said...

I know, I'm wondering what else has changed. We haven't lived in Oregon for 3 years now. We went to visit 2 years ago this July, but didn't really go anywhere. Boy does time fly!

Becky said...

So I was on the Siuslaw News webpage (they've finally joined technology) and there's a condo unit that went up by the bridge in old town that everyone's in an uproar about because it blocks the view of the dunes. Our little town isn't so little anymore. I still think it's crazy to see a Fred Meyer's there!

Madison McShinsky said...

They were building that when I was in highschool I its only like 2 or 3 years old.

a said...

I can remember when McDonalds came in, and how excited we all were. Did you know that Burger King went out of business? My mom would love for a Wendy's to come in, eh mom!

Madison McShinsky said...

Burger King went out forever ago..they have a quiznos now

a said...

Quiznos! Mmm mmm tasty! I love quiznos!