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Monday, May 21, 2007

Civil War Days at the Naper Settlement

Wow! What a fun weekend we had. We left at about 5 pm (0r was it later?) on Friday night, and got back at 7pm on Sunday evening. We all had a blast! The kids were tired this morning when they woke up, so I uncharacteristically let them stay home from school to rest. Here are just a few shots from this weekend. I'll post more later!


Chris & Stephanie said...

These are SOOOO cool! What a great time for all! I'll bet this really makes history come alive for your kids.

How'd you get involved in this?

a said...

Thanks! We have a lot of fun.

Brent had always wanted to go and see a reenactment, and when we lived in Oregon, we went with my parents one time. It was great.

Then, when we moved to Illinois, we went and saw another one ( in Minooka), a few weeks after Jim was born. We were walking around through the confederate camp, and met the guy who plays General Lee. We got to talking with him, and said how neat we thought it all was. He told us to visit the 26th North Carolina Company G, the group his son was with.

We walked over and saw them. They were looking for new recruits, and said they were family friendly. Since that was the last reenactment for the year, Brent said he'd do it the next year.

So last year, Brent did 2 events, then brought us to one close to home. It was awesome. I wanted to do it too. So, we got me a dress, and planned to make stuff for the kids.

By the time Minooka came around the next year, we had everything ready. I had a dress, the kids all had clothes, and we were set. It was a great time.

This year, I have a different dress, one I made myself, and most of the kids have clothes for 2 days. Brent's bought a musket, and we have 3 pup tents. It really is a lot of fun. Dress up and camping. What could be better :)

Chris & Stephanie said...

That's really neat! I love your costumes! I'll bet the company is really happy to have you guys.

Chris & Stephanie said...

I have to looks really funny in your last picture of the little girl (not Eme is it?) with Jacob dressed in colonial clothing with her nails painted and holding a cell phone! hehe Couldn't resist!

a said...

The girl was from a different unit. Can't recall her name. Or maybe they were new. Anyway, she and Jacob were playing so nicely.

We asked him later about it, and he said "She had a cell phone with games on it."

Nice Jacob, use the girls for their games :)

Anonymous said...

Bethany these pictures are so neat! It is such a joy to see you guys so often and you always seem to be having great fun! Beautiful costumes, and a great big--"job well done". Looks so period and authentic.