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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Joe and Santa

Joe was so excited that Santa was there, but very cautious. When he sat on Santas lap, he was almost giddy. He forgot how to talk. He forgot where he was. He forgot what he wanted for Christmas. It was so funny.
Jacob and Tom reminded Joe that he wanted Rescue Heroes for Christmas. Santa told Joe that he needed to be good, and that Santa would know if he was being good. Like listening to his mom, and eating all of his dinner. Joe got a terrified look on his face, and looked in towards the kitchen. He didn't finsih his food.
After Santa left, Joe ran into the kitchen, hysterically crying. He didn't want Santa to take his toys away for not eating his dinner. Brent and I couldn't help but laugh. We helped him finish his food, and he was fine.